Elizabeth Petter

Operations Manager

Lizzie is responsible for the operational aspects of the business which include production planning, sourcing raw materials, purchasing and maintaining our ISO accreditation. Lizzie joined the Star Uretech family in 2013 and has been bringing cakes in to work ever since. In her own time Lizzie enjoys reading, traveling and being barked at by her little dog.

1) What do you like most about your job?
I like our flexibility. I like that we can adapt and makes changes quickly to supply customer’s needs. My job keeps me on the ball and on my toes and never makes for a dull moment.

2) What is your favorite TV program?
Fraggle Rock, Only Connect and Killjoys.

3) What is your favorite song?
BB King - Better not look down.

4) Where would your perfect holiday destination be?
The International Space Station or any beach with white sand, turquoise sea and a constant supply of cocktails.

5) What is your favorite beverage?
Cold tea. Well, my “most often drunk drink”, is cold tea. Is that the same as favorite?

6) Why should anyone use Star Uretech's products?
It just makes sense to use the best and that is what we offer.

Email: lizzie@star-uretech.com

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