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Highways Ironwork
Reinstatement and Repairs

Ironwork reinstatement and repairs refers to works carried out on manholes, roadside drain covers, gullies, and inspection chamber covers. The ironworks are rigid whilst the surrounding road surface is flexible in comparison and this creates an in-balance which can result in the road area around the ironworks deteriorating and breaking up.

Over time traffic loading can cause the road to deteriorate leading to a potential safety hazard. To prevent these problems Star Uretech have developed a system which we call Locking and Bedding. This is a combination of two high performance materials which combine to provide a system of ironwork reinstatement which does not break down in the manner of bitumen based system.

Our patented Locking and Bedding system provides both practical and economic advantages by using high performance materials combined with an innovative two stage approach.

1) The replacement ironwork is positioned (bedded) using Uretech RRB bedding material. The extremely high performance of Uretech RRB ensures the ironwork remains level and cannot move with the surrounding road surface.

2) Once bedded in, Uretech RRL Locking material is used to lock the ironwork into place and provide a surface that is guaranteed to outlast the surrounding road surface.

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