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Decorative Resin Bonded Surfacing guide

What is a decorative bonded surface?
Simply put, a resin bonded surface is a thin layer of glue which sticks a layer of small decorative aggregate to the surface. When aggregate is scattered over the resin it creates a hard wearing, anti-slip decorative finish.

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Where would a resin bonded surface be installed?
The origins of the decorative resin bonded surface come from high friction surfacing or HFS. This is a cold applied system used to impart anti-skid properties on busy road junction and motorway slip roads. Unlike the hot applied HFS systems which often fail after just a few months, cold applied high friction surfacing has proven to be very hard wearing and lasts well over 10 years on even the busiest junctions. When used for decorative applications a resin bonded surface will most commonly be found on domestic driveways and pedestrian pathways however other application areas such patios, car parks, access roads, pool surrounds, terraces, shopping centres and pedestrian areas are now becoming common place.

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Are there different types of resin bonded surface?
Yes. There are three basic system types and these are polyurethane, polyurea and epoxy. You should always ensure that a system is either polyurethane or polyurea as explained on the introduction page.

How much does a resin bonded surface cost?
The price for an installed resin bonded surface can be anywhere between £20 and £40 per square meter. This does not include any base preparation or additional ground works and it is essential that anyone considering a resin bonded surface confirms exactly what is and is not included in the quote. A quote falling below these estimated figures should be scrutinised in great detail as it is highly likely that the resin being used will be a cheap epoxy or the aggregate used will be unsuitable for decorative applications.

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Do I need planning permission to install a resin bonded driveway?
You do not need planning permission to install a resin bonded surface providing the rain water is directed to a lawn or border to drain naturally. Neither resin bonded or bound surfaces are SUDs compliant within themselves and they are reliant on a porous sub-base or suitable soak-away. More information can be found on this Enviroment Agency document.

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